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Nagra Audio Loses Leash on Employees – Social Media Attacks Begin

The Battle of Tanagra still blazes on, and if you are new to battle please go back and read the past articles as there isn’t much time to recap while out here in the field.

Swords and shields clash, lasers pick off many, and all out armageddon rages in the war that is upon us.

Earlier this week, the company Nagra Audio released a statement pledging their allegiance to Tanagra, the small independent progressive power metal band from Portland, Oregon in their epic war against the Swiss giants Nagra Kudelski.

This statement of Nagra Audio’s put the thousands of heavy metal fans rallying at ease knowing they had some support against the trademark bullying Nagra Kudelski Company, who happens to be the former parent company of Nagra Audio.

In a swift stroke and what some are saying is the worst betrayal since the “Red Wedding“, angry reacts began popping up above the heads of many of Tanagra’s forces all over the battlefield, causing them to instantly crumble and fall.

The source of this incredible backstabbing nature is from one of Nagra Audio’s Employees Philip Chamberpot, who began his onslaught in mass genocide formation by leaving hundreds and perhaps thousands of angry reacts across anyone’s personal social media profile that he was able to get his hands on (Those who left reviews and comments) as well as messaging many of the forces on the battlefield with angry messages.

He even angry reacted a post of the passing of a beloved dog on one fans personal Facebook page.

“The fact that they are going out of their way to leave mad emojis on several of Tanagra’s fans private posts directly shows us their motives are vicious and their word deceptive”

– April Jones, Filmmaker/Journalist

It is a heavy day for Tanagra, as many forces in their ranks have been slaughtered on the battlefield by these angry reacts.

“It is salt on the wound knowing that not only does this business (Nagra Kudelski) bully and sue innocent persons without just cause, but also has their child company (or someone who apparently works for them) resort to harassment of a private level and unconnected individuals when criticized for their predatory business practices”

-Trent (Tanagra Fan)

No further word from the band, Nagra Audio, or Nagra Kudelski has been spoken at this time. It is unclear if this was a rogue attack from an employee that broke off from Nagra Audio and decided to take matter’s into his own hands or if the company Nagra Audio is aware of these messages and actions and just simply doesn’t care.

Hopefully Nagra Audio will comment regarding this matter, as the Heavy Metal Community was under the impression that Nagra Audio had sided with Tanagra.

More to come as new information is released.

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