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Tanagra Fans Rally and March on the Black Gate of Kudelski

A few days have passed since Tanagra’s forces became slaughtered in the battlefield, with Nagra Audio’s untimely betrayal (see previous article about the Nagra Audio Employee who went rogue and started bashing every private Facebook account he could find) just when fans thought they were making a great stand.

After a few days of recovery, a new alliance has rallied to the call and Tanagra’s forces have picked up their arms once again.

“I had a friend named Jeff Taft, who is also a fan of Tanagra message me asking if it was okay to start a group chat with some other fans who also happen to be lawyers. If it wasn’t for Jeff’s message our fight may not have reached this second wind. Fans around the world have been voicing their opinions, and it’s because of our booming uproar that we are being noticed. The Heavy Metal community is like one big family and we look out for our own. Together we are strong. “

-Travis Sigler, Longtime friend and fan of the band Tanagra

As things began to unfold, the new warriors that heeded the call began secret messages in the dead of night. The battle commanders over at Foundation Law Group offered their services pro bono, via the trademark expertise of Sevag Demirjian and the support of the CEO of the firm, Armen Martin.

“We have been astounded at the response; the community is the only reason the corporation is negotiating at all. Fans have come together and they’re saying things like ‘They [Nagra / Kudelski Group] need to drop it completely’ and the community is right. There is no reason we can’t reach a co-existence agreement.”

-Erich Ulmer, Tanagra

One thing is for certain though and that is the fact that Nagra Kudelski didn’t expect this last alliance of fans and bands to be marching on their enormous gate at the ready.

Let the Lord of the Kudelski Land come forth! Let justice be done upon him!”

-A Battle Captain who just marched up to the Kudelski Gate

“We do not come to treat with Kudelski Group, faithless and accursed. Tell your master this: the armies of Kudelski must disband. They are to depart these lands, never to return.”

-Old White Haired Dude who also approached the gate.

This is a glorious day for Tanagra, because the fight isn’t over, and with the new allies of Foundation Law Group we are ready to charge straight into the fire.

‘We will consume all that lies before us

We will strike down all who oppose us

Let it be known that on this day your kingdom falls

Your pathetic civilization will be crushed to the very depths of oblivion!”

-Tyranny of Time Lyrics by Tanagra

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