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The Battle of Tanagra, Nagra Kudelski, and Nagra Audio

Last week many fans of the local Portland Progressive-Power Metal band Tanagra were furious at the news that their beloved small heavy metal act was being targeted by the Swiss Giant Nagra Kudelski in an attempt to wipe them from the board during their trademark request to claim their band as their own.

This lead to an uproar within the Heavy Metal community around the world and fans began leaving many reviews at Nagra Audio, who at the time had no idea what their evil former parent company was pulling behind their back.

Thousands rallied around the world for pledging their undying support for Tanagra, ready for the battle to which would become known in the days to come as simply as The Battle of Tanagra.

This act alone lead to an amazing public press response for Tanagra, as they began selling out of merchandise, leaving the band to pack hundreds of orders over the course of a weekend.

“We’ve echoed the metal community and requested, essentially, that they drop it. (More likely, it’d take some form of agreement.) But while we wait on news from that..Here’s the aforementioned second batch (and third) batches of orders, roughly 60%, ready to go and dropped off today!”

Nagra Audio’s official statement on their Facebook page upon receiving angry messages and reviews is as follows:

“To the Tanagra band and their fans,

We are deeply sorry about this story, It seems there is a gigantic misunderstanding here.

We are a small company in Switzerland called “Audio Technology Switzerland » designing and manufacturing world-class recording and playback equipment branded NAGRA.

We have not filed any lawsuit against you and we are a not attacking your band or your band name. Until this morning we had never heard of your band.

We have contacted the trademark owner, Nagravision , who confirmed that they were already actively trying to find a solution with TANAGRA band members.

We do not know the story behind this attack, but clearly we are outside of it and you should let your fans and supporters know.

It would really be a shame for any company to prevent artists from playing and performing their music, be assured we are on your side to find a good solution as fast as possible.

We have been recording and supporting the music industry for almost 70 years, and will continue to do so.

Musically Yours,”

Many folks are still very confused as to whether or not Nagra Audio has rallied with Tanagra against the corporate monster Nagra Kudelski or if they are just posting a simple statement to save their asses from the mobs that are ready to burn their villages to the ground.

Nagra Audio claims that they aren’t associated with Nagra Kudelski, but if that were the case then wouldn’t Nagra Kudelski be targeting Nagra Audio as well?

On Wednesday January 29th 2020 Tanagra made a statement on their Facebook page saying that after the apparent negotiations that were taking place over the weekend that things were moving extremely slow.

Nagra Kudelski is going after this small band in Portland, Oregon simply for having a few similar letters, to which the band’s name reference isn’t associated with Nagra Kudelski’s brand at all. It actually is a Star Trek reference because members of the band are huge fans.

Watch out CBS, for Nagra Kudelski may indeed send it’s armageddon fleet after you soon as well!

More updates to come!

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