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Milwaukie, Oregon’s First Medieval Nerdy Meadery Begins Production

Milwaukie, Oregon is a small city in the outskirts of Portland and is home to a tight knit community of people who call the Dogwood City their home. The town has many unique shops, restaurants, a nickel arcade/theater, comic stores, and coffeehouses, but now a new unique business has been added – a leather and mead shop full of additional local artists.

Wyrd Leather and Mead located on Mcloughlin Blvd is a medieval nerdy themed spot that specializes in handmade leather goods while also making their own mead. The shop also also prides itself in creating a place where other small artists can display their works, further promoting the love and support of art.

The idea of the shop came into being when longtime best friends Tayler Toll and Travis Sigler had the idea to open a place that focused around their love for all things medieval and fantasy based.

Sigler had been doing leather working for years as a freelance artist creating many things from armor to custom belts and while working for Dark Horse Comics. He attended many renaissance faires and comic conventions while doing cosplay, while Toll had been in the food industry working for local favorite spots such as Blue Star Doughnuts and Boxer Ramen since they left high school.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2017, that the pair began brewing mead in Toll’s closet and one day the idea of a weird unique shop sprung.

After a few years of build out with the help of close friends, family, and their newfound support from followers around the globe, Wyrd Leather and Mead finally began it’s mead production in the summer of 2019.

Now with a new friend and business partner Doug Wingate of Acuinked (Acupuncturist and Tattooist), the trio plan increase their mead production line in Milwaukie using fresh local Oregon Oregon honey with a variety of coming flavors that they are concocting.

The small local business seems to be taking their leap into the world by storm, as they already have a huge army rallying behind them around the globe, including many famous actors supporting them such as Harry Potter stars Stanislav Ianevski and Christopher Rankin who played Viktor Krum and Percy Weasley.

If you happen to be in the area of Milwaukie, Oregon, near Portland be sure to stop by their shop and browse their wares for any quests you happen to be on!

Wyrd Leather and Mead can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, on their website, and they can now legally ship to many US states.

Additional leather work of past commissions can also be found in a Portfolio by clicking HERE

Keep Milwaukie Wyrd

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