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Salt Lake City’s Traditional Heavy Metal Band Blood Star Blazes In The Night Sky

A new star rises in Salt Lake City’s Heavy Metal scene. Blood Star (not to be confused with the Swiss band Bloodstar) is a new act formed by Jamison Palmer (Visigoth), Madi Smith, and Noah Hadnutt (Sanctifyre) and before they had anything set in stone, they previously burned throughout America on tour with Night Demon proving to the masses that you can still spread your music today without anything recorded as in the days of old.

As it reads on their Facebook page:

“Cold canyon winds whip across snow swept summits, whirling down to a sprawling valley floor. A blood red star hangs low over the horizon: the only light that pierces the opaque particulate haze. Perhaps it is an omen – a harbinger of good fortune. Or perhaps its presence symbolizes a chaotic and malevolent end. For several weeks the star has grown brighter, swelling in size and reddening in color. As the anomalous Blood Star’s crimson glow encroaches on the cobalt sky above, unease permeates all facets of existence. Anomie and malaise take root. Entropy seems to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate. Madness reigns. The world takes its last labored, heaving breaths bathed in relentless red rays of a sinister star.”

With classic influences of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Mötorhead, Accept, Saxon, and Irom Maiden, Blood Star is on the path of becoming a pure gem in the Heavy Metal scene.

For those interested in giving the band a listen, Blood Star now has a new track and pre-order for their upcoming album titled “The Fear” up on their Bandcamp page.

The band was just recently signed onto Shadow Kingdom Records.

Stay in the loop with this up and coming band by following them on social media, for one night in your city soon a Blood Star might be seen shining in the sky above.

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