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History Vikings’ Shieldmaiden Lagertha Gets Official Mead Named After Her

The powerful, badass, woman-leading icon character from the beloved hit show Vikings will soon have an official mead named after her.

A company in Portland, Oregon named Wyrd Leather and Mead has begun production of a new mead dedicated in honor of the fierce Shieldmaiden as well honoring Katheryn Winnick’s outstanding performance over the years.

Katheryn Winnick, the Canadian actress who has played Lagertha for six seasons has even given her approval and provided the company with her favorite berry flavor in a reply on Twitter.

The mead will be titled “Lagertha’s Oath” and will be released to the public sometime in 2020 and they do plan to be able to ship within the United States!

Follow Wyrd Leather and Mead on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in the loop for this delicious sounding mead soon to come.

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