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Boxer Ramen – Sellwood’s Rising Star

In the outskirts of Portland is a small suburb called Sellwood that is booming with little shops, restaurants and bars where many locals gather, but it also happens to be the home of Boxer Ramen’s newest location.

Boxer Ramen has been in the portland area for nearly six years now and the once small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that was founded by Little Big Burger’s Micah Camden has five locations spread across the city.

Photo by Travis Sigler

Boxer Ramen keeps it simple.

They only have four types of ramen, but they have truly mastered their craft and deliver a blue bowl packed with a variety of flavor. Customers can enjoy Shiitake Shoyu, Veggie Curry, Tonkotsu Shio, and Spicy Red Miso with the option of adding additional items to their bowl, making a truly customizable bowl designed for them. While it is highly recommended to stop in for a bowl in their comforting atmosphere, customers in the area can also have Boxer’s noodles delivered to their homes via Caviar.

Boxer Ramen’s Current Menu

Customers also have the choice for a variety of sides, ranging from their creamy-spicy Okonomiyaki Tots topped with bonito flakes that wiggle from the heat creating a fun dining experience to their classic fried pot stickers.

All of the staff at the Sellwood location are super friendly and accommodating, and instantly make you feel at home the moment you step foot into their restaurant. One of their Sellwood location managers, Tayler Toll, has been with the company since the business nearly started having previously worked at Blue Star Doughnuts and Son of a Biscuit, two other businesses also founded by the company’s owner. To date he has worked at all of the company’s noodle joints across the Portland area.

Wyrd Leather and Mead’s Co-owner Tayler Toll also manages the Boxer Ramen Sellwood location

Boxer Ramen doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon so be sure to visit one of their locations for the best bowl Portland has to offer!

Boxer Ramen can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as by visiting their website.

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