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The Haunted Tales of Wyrd

(Featured Photo credit: Photo and Editing: Sean Critchfieldig: @ruggedindividulaist)

This blog post will be periodically updated as spooky happenings occur here at Wyrd Leatherworks and Meadery in Portand, Oregon so be sure to check on here often to see if any new paranormal activities have happened since your last read. But let’s start with some brief history about our building.

We are located in what used to be called The Ye Old Towne Crier and the building itself is almost a hundred years old. Back in the old days, it used to be a colonial themed restaurant. As described in a previous article from Willamette Week:

“For four decades, the colonial-themed Ye Olde Town Crier served homestyle meals out of a converted house at the corner of Southeast 41st Boulevard and Holgate Avenue. Known as much for its kitschy decor—which included wooden totem poles and images of pilgrims carved into the walls—as its food, the restaurant was a family-friendly favorite of the Woodstock neighborhood until it closed in 1996.”

After it was the Ye Old Towne Crier, it was home to a few other businesses such as Grandma’s and The Hutch before it lay dormant for about a decade. In that time it was simply used as storage, and many items were left untouched. Glassware still hung in racks, the old dish pit remained hooked up, you know, pretty much it looked as if one day someone locked it up and just didn’t return. This is of course, speaking about the basement portion of our building where we are located.

According to a post from the Ye Old Towne Crier Facebook page:

“The Ye Olde opened in ‘53. The building was built in 1927 as a market. The family who originally owned it converted it over many years and added a 3rd level for their residence. That’s the secret spot. The ghost first appeared in the lounge in 1966, per the old staff. All three fireplaces are still intact.”

Since we moved in, we have done a full medieval makeover for the space transforming it into our hall where we serve food and drinks, do leatherwork, and ferment our meads on site in the back. Once we started construction that’s when we started to notice things happening. I will lay the occurrences out in number formation just for ease of typing and will update them anytime something new happens.

1: The Hairbrush in the Cabin

Tayler and myself (Travis here writing this) were cleaning the inside of the little cabin that is located in the hall. It’s a very small space and you can’t really fit two people inside. I was farther inside and Tayler was pretty much at the door. While inside, I was recording a little video for our patreon backers to show progress on our new location. While recording, I pointed my camera at this hole in the back wall that is basically inside concrete and goes in and up and jokingly said “Look this is where the creepy little girl lives in the walls from every horror flick”. Once I ended the video I noticed a hairbrush sitting on the edge of the hole in the wall and said “See Tayler! There is even the brush!” Once Tayler heard me he replied “There’s no hair brush” and it took me about 45 seconds of back and forth to realize he meant there “was” no hair brush. After we got back out of the cabin we looked back at the footage and sure enough when I pointed my camera at the hole there was no hair brush there.

Facebook Link from the day it happened:

2: Three Comp Sink Ghostly Stumbles

While painting the ceiling behind the bar during construction, there was a loud bang that happened from the back kitchen area. It sounded like someone full on walked into the three comp sink in the kitchen area. I hopped off my stool and ran around the corner thinking Tayler had walked into it to see if he was okay. Tayler was not there. I went all the way around to the back area in the shop side and found Tayler painting away on the bathroom doors.

3: The Dumbwaiter Ringing

I was not personally there for this one but other co-owners Doug and Tayler were. We have these antler chandeliers hanging in our hall and when we got them we needed to kill the entire power to the building to hook them up. While standing in the dark and attempting to screw in the chandelier, they both heard a faint ringing coming from the back corner of the building. This was later at night, and no one else was in the building (Other businesses doing build-out upstairs) and it wasn’t until they pin pointed the location that was pretty close to the old dumbwaiter located in the back. It doesn’t work and has no power, but they looked up the sounds an old dumbwaiter would make and it matched the sound according to them both.

4. The Wrench and Cutting Board

Copy and pasted from the Facebook post on this day this happened (videos can be seen using the URL link to original post):

The Ghost tales continue! This is the first time we’ve ever really captured it on camera (minus the exploding shot glass!)Hey guys, Travis here. So I’m in the meadery this morning. The first video is today around 11:30 AM on August 12th 2021. While preparing the fermenter for BlackBerry you can see me in the distance pulling out Baldur’s Bladder (the name of our rolling fermenter) and dealing with that.Then a loud bang happens behind me. I was super confused because it was like right behind me and I didn’t know what it was and thought something fell, so I was looking around for the source. It wasn’t until I went back to try and see the source that I noticed the wrench on the ground. If you blink you will miss it, but the wrench appeared on the ground in the video. I am pretty sure it came from the back prep table seen on the left but I don’t have a way to slow the video down at the moment. The second video was something I noticed while going back and trying to find this current occurrence.

In the security camera footage, you can see at 12:30 AM a piece of cardboard in the back defies gravity, pulls itself out of its wedge, and then falls down. Over the course of 45 mins it slowly moves about a foot (had to pause footage and check every few minutes to be able to notice it was slowly getting farther away) and then after 1 AM it then does a flop again.

This video is from like 12:30 in the morning today and of you look you can see something randomly move in the left corner. (next tale!)


5. The Flying Cutting Board

On the same day as the wrench and the piece of cardboard moving, Tayler and myself were in the meadery and we hear a loud noise of something falling to the ground. We came around the corner to find a cutting board on the ground and I instantly started recording. This cutting board was on the back of a drying rack, and had to go over other items on the shelf to flop to the ground. We did manage to catch the board flying off the shelf with our security camera, even though it was some pretty good distance away.


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