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You Can Now Get Mead Delivered To Your Home In Portland If Self-Quarantining

It is a time of change and many small businesses are greatly feeling the hit due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Portland has closed down restaurants and bars, it’s events, and anywhere that hosts large groups of people. But this is also a time to not add to the wide-spread fear and to heavily focus on supporting your small, local, businesses wherever you live. It is essential that we take the time and effort to encourage as much support for places that are now allowing take-out, to-go, and delivery as a means fighting back the virus and to help keep our local places alive and thriving.

Wyrd Leather and Mead, a local shop dedicated to supporting a variety of artists who make handmade items, as well as their own leather goods and their own brewed mead has launched a new delivery service for the Portland area.

Wyrd Leather and Mead states on their Facebook Page:

“In order to adapt to this strange new world we are living in, we have gotten the official okay to begin delivery services within the Milwaukie/Portland/Oregon City area. That’s right. We can and will personally deliver mead to your front door if it is within the 10 mile radius of our shop (a small $5 delivery fee will be added as well.) Order a bottle on our website, choose local winery pickup during shipping check out, and then email us with your address and we will be in touch for delivery with additional required information and time frames. We at Wyrd Leather and Mead are dedicated to our fans and followers, and we believe that going the extra mile(s) to ensure customers remain satisfied is a great step to showing what small local businesses are capable of. Let’s support any and all small businesses during these wild times. Our shop will remain open for normal business hours.”

Having mead delivered to your door in 2020 seems like the perfect way to eliminate any outdoor contact if you are choosing to do so, and to have a ready stock of alcohol on hand for any medieval movie/television show marathons you might be having within the safety of your own Keep. Help support any and all small businesses during this time.

Wyrd Leather and Mead can be found on:

Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Google, and on their Website.

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